About Rajdhani Air Express

Rajdhani Air Express Courier is an Asia based company dedicated to providing express services throughout Asia and the world. With a comprehensive network covering the region, we offer a complete range of express services to handle from documents to parcels to freight. We are totally committed to meeting all the express needs of the Asian business communities

The mission of Rajdhani Air Express Courieris to help our customers to succeed, promote economy, and develop the Global express industry. We constantly explore our customers' ever changing requirements, which give us the ability to timely create new products to better suit their needs.

We are staffed by a team of highly trained and skilled personnel with vast experience and expertise in the express industry. Supported by our information technology system with shipment tracking capabilities. Enhanced by our individual pride in giving our personalized service to all our customers, making Rajdhani Air Express Courier their preferred choice.

With our extensive team of partners throughout the world, Rajdhani Air Express Courier are able to offer many different services to our customers. Our network enables us to provide for the widest next day coverage available and some of the earliest deliveries as standard.

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